Garden Center Local Marketing
by Huntington Hearst


Your Garden Center Marketing journey needs to start by showing off your best side with a new website full of stunning photos and informative text. You can also keep your customers informed & up to date with your new blog.


When someone is looking for a local business, Google shows them those businesses on a map. We’ll get you in front of more potential customers and show them exactly where you’re located for the most business exposure.

Marketing Tactics

No throwing darts in the dark. We know your clientele. We know how to talk to them. We know what they’re looking for and how to bring them in to your garden center to buy their plants from you. You sell them the plants, accessories, and services they need.

Special Offers

Create an email list to let your loyal customers know about special offers and your newest sales.

Attractive Website

Get a new website that brings new customers through the door, ready to buy.

Stand Out

Don’t look like everyone else. Celebrate what makes your garden center the best around!

Digital Ads

Find your customers where they
hang out online.


Writing informative articles and informing your customers makes you the local expert.

We Understand Garden Center Marketing:

Your marketing is why your business will either grow, die, or limp along.

  • Good marketing will grow your business.
  • Bad marketing will kill your business.
  • No marketing will keep it limping down the sidewalk of life.

You need marketing. You need good marketing. You need strategic marketing with your best customers in mind.

Marketing is important like vitamins are important. It isn’t that vitamins cure different diseases and ailments. It’s the lack of vitamins that causes them.

Garden center marketing is important. It’s how you share your products, services, and expertise with potential customers. Your best customers have traits that make them similar. That makes them a niche audience that you can market to strategically.

Marketing gives you the ability to show and, prove how you can solve your customers’ problems. And that’s the general definition of a business: One person or group getting paid to solve another person or group’s problem.

Not every business has the knowledge or team to do the marketing they need. Hiring an outside company to handle your marketing can be a smart move. It’s a cost-effective alternative for many local and small businesses.

A garden center marketing agency can take care of all your marketing needs. We handle

  • Website maintenance
  • SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Graphic design
  • Content creation
  • Email marketing
  • Setting the strategy

We take the weight off your shoulders so you can focus on what you do best, running your garden center.

Ready to drive more traffic to your website, convert them to customers, and grow your garden center? We’re here to help you.

With a solid strategy and a team that knows what they’re doing, your garden center will be unstoppable.

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